Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Old Nayong Pilipino in NAIA Road, Pasay City

While I was on my way, heading to an event location today. It caught my attention the Old Nayong Filipino at the NAIA Road.It was now closed and no longer available for the public. The location hase been given to the NAIA 3 extension, wherein Philippine Goverment plans to put-up a new Terminal location that would somehow we can compete among other Airport Terminal in Asia and to other country. I seen the site new Terminal 3, it is quite more sophiscated and ambitious.

I just remember, during my younger time (huh?), my family used to be at this Nayong Pilipino. You can easily re-call how the Philippine's and its tourist places had been look a like even when you dont visit the place yet. A trully educational one and patriotic, your probably appreciate more and be proud of the Philippines because of this place...but now, it would no longer been able to reminisce this things because an improvement needs to happen to the country and things and place need to change...hopefully for the better.

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