Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Alfox Internet Cafe - Kamuning Road, corner Edsa Quezon City

What about Alfox Internet Cafe experience?

When my Boss remind me to attend a workshop, I had kept the things I need to bring on the event:

1. My notes and pens.
2. Camera (where I need to take few shots to attach to my report later).
3. Myself.

Today, January 31,2008, I've been attending a Blogging, Web and E-Commerce Hands-on workshop at Alfox Internet Cafe. Together with me is Riza Nuqui. Im taking an MRT (Metro Rail Transit) to go to the location.It was indeed a long travel from place, but I enjoy viewing at the most things I can only see (well, what else - Billboard advertisement). Prior before I found the place, I was rushing along Timog Avenue and ask a guard along GMA Station (among the Top TV station in the Philippines, where you can watch Marimar!!!) post to where exact the location of Alfox Internet Cafe beside Chowking, they said Im heading on a wrong way...whew! I should be back to Edsa and move towards Kamuning and go to look for the nearest stoplight post. So, I walk and walk and walk. And finally, Im seeing Riza, waiving at me. She is standing outside Chowking (a fastfood chain offers a variety of Chinese food) where other busy people is also staring and going to somewhere places. Finally! I am now at the event's place.

I had this reminder in myself, that when attending such training,workshop or any other gathering, you need to be prepare earlier to avoid rushing and dont forget to be at the venue earlier than the suggested time so that you are not in a hurry and if you are heading towards wrong have still have enough time to go and look for the place to enjoy your agenda.

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