Friday, May 16, 2008

Boracay and Palawan

Hi folks! Rainy days is fast approaching and Summer is gone... how we love to take a trip to any places but rain stop us...hence, I rather share this video to we wish to be summer again and visit this lovely,exciting and amazing place in the Island of Philippines...

This video is a trip by Happyslip in Boracay and Palawan..I get amaze of the underground river trip...please check it out!!! I wonder is there any snake inside? How about Anaconda? Im afraid of the dark!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Low cost E-Commerce Website Development Wokshop at Quezon City

I have attended workshop today with a topic of "Low Cost E-Commerce Website Development" headed by Ms.Janette Toral of Digital Filipino Club at Alfox Internet Cafe.

Our 1st day event topic is E-Commerce Project Planning. In here, we learn about Developing a Requirements Document for a project. Identifying Competition, Source of Revenue and Creating a Content Plan.

In this picture includes, Ms.Reggie Bundang of; Ms.Gwen Nava of Abolute and Ms.Carm Del Rosario of Carm's Fashion Accessories.

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs

Today, I have this chance to read and take a look at the following blogs. Thanks to the workshop I have been attended recently. I was able to learn and take a chance to choose the following influential blogs to be included in Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs.

Influential blogger had this writing project, focusing on the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2008, and here are my pick for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in no particular order:

  1. The Wisdom Journal
    You will learn things in life that somehow miss-out but very important in our daily life.
  2. Money Savings Mom
    Who among us doesn't want to save money?
    Help's a lot in my web things.
  4. Davao Delicious
    What a nice things knowing we had this kind of food to be proud of.
  5. Filipino Voices
    Be proud of who you are and where you from.
  6. You Got Tech
    Im a fan of this people.
  7. My Kapalaran
    Need to know other people's life.
  8. Creative Curio
    This help in my other creative stuff.
  9. Anak ni Kulapo
    It's good to remember old days.
  10. IE-Student
    Get thoughts from them.

Laguna Hot Spring at Pansol Laguna

Its been few months since my last blog post..well, Im very busy with my work stuff...

Well, just to share to you my trips at Laguna Hot Spring last May 11,2008 wherein, I have brought my Mom to this place for a treat since it's Mother's Day!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Old Nayong Pilipino in NAIA Road, Pasay City

While I was on my way, heading to an event location today. It caught my attention the Old Nayong Filipino at the NAIA Road.It was now closed and no longer available for the public. The location hase been given to the NAIA 3 extension, wherein Philippine Goverment plans to put-up a new Terminal location that would somehow we can compete among other Airport Terminal in Asia and to other country. I seen the site new Terminal 3, it is quite more sophiscated and ambitious.

I just remember, during my younger time (huh?), my family used to be at this Nayong Pilipino. You can easily re-call how the Philippine's and its tourist places had been look a like even when you dont visit the place yet. A trully educational one and patriotic, your probably appreciate more and be proud of the Philippines because of this place...but now, it would no longer been able to reminisce this things because an improvement needs to happen to the country and things and place need to change...hopefully for the better.

Metro Rail Transit (MRT) - Edsa / Baclaran Station

Philippines is known for the "jeepney rides" or what you called a masa commuters, wherein people from all walks of life use to ride from this vehicle. What you mostly experience is that, the driver of this vehicle would stop to a place to wait for a passenger if the case is that, an empty space need to fill-in in the sitting arrangement where passenger can seen each other and tug a long with, a slow moving phase because a passenger needs to load to the place...definitely, if you are rushing you dont like this experience.

I suggest you take an MRT ride where you can take a travel to a designated place as early as you can because this type of rides is more convenient.

Today, January 31,2008, I was indeed need to go to a workshop event along Kamuning Quezon City. I had already in my mind that in order to avoid rushing to beat the time of meeting I need to come earlier to the location. So I took MRT Station at Edsa/Baclaran Station. Their it was a huge people falling-in line to pay to the cashier. I thought it could only take me 5 minutes but because of the strict searching of the guard along the entrance of the Station, it took me almost 10 minutes to fall-in line to be at the cashier. However of my patience, it is quite in need effort less and convenient in riding an aircondition and faster rides at MRT.

Alfox Internet Cafe - Kamuning Road, corner Edsa Quezon City

What about Alfox Internet Cafe experience?

When my Boss remind me to attend a workshop, I had kept the things I need to bring on the event:

1. My notes and pens.
2. Camera (where I need to take few shots to attach to my report later).
3. Myself.

Today, January 31,2008, I've been attending a Blogging, Web and E-Commerce Hands-on workshop at Alfox Internet Cafe. Together with me is Riza Nuqui. Im taking an MRT (Metro Rail Transit) to go to the location.It was indeed a long travel from place, but I enjoy viewing at the most things I can only see (well, what else - Billboard advertisement). Prior before I found the place, I was rushing along Timog Avenue and ask a guard along GMA Station (among the Top TV station in the Philippines, where you can watch Marimar!!!) post to where exact the location of Alfox Internet Cafe beside Chowking, they said Im heading on a wrong way...whew! I should be back to Edsa and move towards Kamuning and go to look for the nearest stoplight post. So, I walk and walk and walk. And finally, Im seeing Riza, waiving at me. She is standing outside Chowking (a fastfood chain offers a variety of Chinese food) where other busy people is also staring and going to somewhere places. Finally! I am now at the event's place.

I had this reminder in myself, that when attending such training,workshop or any other gathering, you need to be prepare earlier to avoid rushing and dont forget to be at the venue earlier than the suggested time so that you are not in a hurry and if you are heading towards wrong have still have enough time to go and look for the place to enjoy your agenda.